Current Workstreams

Current Projects

This page offers a short summary of all CPOC's live workstreams under each of the six pillars of the CPOC Strategy. 

This page will be updated as new projects are developed. If you have any questions about any of the projects please contact us at

Theme 1: Improving the Quality of Patient Care

CPOC has been commissioned by NHS England to undertake a review of the NatSSIPs and draft an updated guideline. The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) also recommended CPOC review the standards in the Never Events report. A working group convened in January 2021 and this work will be ready for publication in winter 2021.

A multidisciplinary working group has begun drafting the guideline and this will be ready for publication in April 2022. This will be the first full perioperative pathway for patients with Anaemia. 

In collaboration with the British Geriatrics Society, a guideline for the first full perioperative pathway for people living with frailty is being developed. The guideline will be published imminently in September 2021.

Theme 2: Empowering Patients

Lead by Dr Ramai Santhirapala CPOC's longstanding SDM workstream aims to collate and sign post resources to aid understanding of SDM and implementation into services.

You can find information on our patient facing resources here. CPOC has brought together a working group to produce patient videos on what shared decision making is.

CPOC has launched a hub for clinicians that can be found here.

The Profession Records Standard Body (PRSB) in partnership with CPOC, is developing a universal standard for SDM and this will be released later this year.

Theme 3: Supporting the Workforce

E-learning for perioperative care (EPOC) is in its early stages and CPOC are developing modules for each area of perioperative care that are applicable to all members of the multidisciplinary team. 

CPOC will be drafting a perioperative care curriculum that transcends the multidisciplinary workforce and can support the advancement of perioperative care. More information on this project will  be available in Autumn 2021.

To ensure there is effective provision of perioperative care across the pathway, CPOC is dedicated to ensuring there is seamless working between all teams across the pathway. CPOC is bringing together a four nation project group to share learning, resources and information on how to improve the interface between primary and secondary care along the perioperative pathway to allow seamless MDT working.  

Theme 4: Influencing Policy

Our Green Paper project is a nine-month programme of consultation and research aimed at addressing the short-term challenges and long-term opportunities facing the perioperative care agenda. It aims to draw together CPOC’s diverse community of partners around a shared set of priorities for change and a vision for the future of perioperative care. 

Most importantly, our Green Paper will be a statement of intent from CPOC to governments across the UK about the role we all need to play to make progress on advancing this agenda and improving outcomes for patients. The project will culminate in the publication of our perioperative care ‘Green Paper’ autumn. 

Please find the latest updates and information on our green paper project here.